Sep. 8th, 2010


Sep. 8th, 2010 08:26 am
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I live too far off the gulf to actually be hit by the hurricane, but man do we live close enough to get the edges of it. It's been pouring for hours, my street is literally flooding, and there are accidents all along my route to school, which is about 40 miles away on extremely busy, traffic-congested streets.

I am not looking forward to today. Not one tiny bit.
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So, when highway signs say, "Turn around, don't drown", they actually mean it. If I had left the house ten minutes earlier, I wouldn't have been witnessing a flash flood, I would have been in it.

When I left the house, it wasn't raining. Ten minutes on the highway, I hit drizzle. Fifteen minutes, it was pouring so hard I could only see a few feet in front of me. Then I wound up in a traffic jam, watching police cars flying by on the shoulder. I figured it was another accident, until 45 minutes later I got the half a mile to the incident site.

Two lanes of the highway had flooded, and I saw five cars helter-skelter, with police people trying to get the people to safety and clear major pieces of debris out of the remaining 1.75 lanes.

That left me shaken, but I continued on, with the traffic cleared up. A mile away, I glance to my right, to see a parking lot that I assume was fairly full of cars, flooded. I could just make out the tops of SUVs and school buses, and I burst into tears. I turned around and headed home knowing, if that highway which I've never seen accumulate water had flooded, the main street on the way to school that starts to flood very easily was probably under water.

I called back to see what was going on in Fort Worth, and apparently around my mum's work is flooding, and a tree got so flooded in the gardens that it fell and created a damn, so our major streets are flooding now.

EDIT: Apparently so far two buildings on campus have closed due to flooding, various schools and business are being evacuated in various parts of DFW. Here's what I saw on my way to school:

You know. My house has been hit by a flash flood before, but it was only up to our knees. That didn't scare me. This does.

EDIT 2: Just saw footage of people being evacuated from apartments right along the highway I was on. It's getting worse, fast. So glad I'm home.

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