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Say you were to start reading an online novel. Would you prefer it be updated every month with a full chapter, or every week with 1/4th of a chapter?

I've discovered, inbetween my fits of paralyzing stress, that the only thing that's going to keep me sane since both the angels and Hades are being silent, is to start a creative project of my own. Not one for school. Just one all for me, what I want to do. And take the last bit of advice an angel gave me in the process, and screw my fears of using my own experiences as fodder.

It's going to be an unconventional web story. Some parts will be illustrated, some will be comics, some will be novel, letters, poetry, etc. I MAY even incorporate animations and audio.

The story isn't going to have a beginning nor an end. Instead, I want it to be like a dream...separate arcs that make no sense, but when you wake up and link things together, it forms a beautiful thread that you can't quite pinpoint what keeps it holding together.

I'm going to start concept art this week, get a feel for some characters and locations, maybe jot down story ideas. I want to have a fair bit done before I actually launch the site, so I can keep on top of regular postings. My tentative launch date is January 1st.

But the thing I need to figure out first is how to structure the launches. Thus my question. :p

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If I were reading, I think I'd prefer the weekly updates. Then I would be like "OMG, yes, it's Tuesday again, finally!*kermitflail*" Monthly, I would be like, "wait.... has it been a month since that blog updated? Did I bookmark it? No? Maybe? Damn. I'll search for it later."

I've been working on the idea of a story blog (in this context "working" means, "thinking about with longing") for a year or so now, and I've been planning on daily updates-- the kind you could read over your lunch break.

There's a lot that could go wrong with a daily update... computer crash, errands, flu, writer's block, omg-no-get-out-of-bed-is-do-not-want, etc. Currently, my plan is to have a reserve of a 2-4 weeks before I launch. This gives me plenty of opportunities for procrastination. >.

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