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I remember reading a couple of years ago that they were making the movie, then promptly forgot about it. I was shocked when I stumbled upon it in the DVD store. Why wasn't it in theaters? I mean, it has Colin Firth in it, for crying out loud. So I snatched it up, praying it wasn't going to completely butcher the book.

Well, it did. But I still LOVED the movie. They couldn't have chosen a better actor to play Dorian than Ben Barnes. And they didn't do too bad keeping the general message there.

Ah, Dorian, Dorian, Dorian. Back in high school, we got to choose any book in the world to read and do a report on. While most students chose Stephen King or J.K. Rowling, I decided to go with "The Picture of Dorian Gray," because what very little I'd heard of the book sounded interesting. I ate that book up. I found Wilde's prose drop-dead beautiful, and the whole reflection on beauty and youth was fascinating. The characters really jumped off the page, too.

After I read the book and wrote my report, I wound up getting in this heavy debate with my teacher. She gave me a good grade, but she severely disagreed with me. She thought that Dorian was pure evil. I sat there, could you arrive at that conclusion? Now I see it's more telling of who I am than anything.

And now I'm rambling. I haven't read that book in seven years. I think as soon as I get a spare minute, I shall start it again.

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I always felt like Lord Henry was the villain of that piece. I'll have to check this movie out. That poster is sweet!

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