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So, when highway signs say, "Turn around, don't drown", they actually mean it. If I had left the house ten minutes earlier, I wouldn't have been witnessing a flash flood, I would have been in it.

When I left the house, it wasn't raining. Ten minutes on the highway, I hit drizzle. Fifteen minutes, it was pouring so hard I could only see a few feet in front of me. Then I wound up in a traffic jam, watching police cars flying by on the shoulder. I figured it was another accident, until 45 minutes later I got the half a mile to the incident site.

Two lanes of the highway had flooded, and I saw five cars helter-skelter, with police people trying to get the people to safety and clear major pieces of debris out of the remaining 1.75 lanes.

That left me shaken, but I continued on, with the traffic cleared up. A mile away, I glance to my right, to see a parking lot that I assume was fairly full of cars, flooded. I could just make out the tops of SUVs and school buses, and I burst into tears. I turned around and headed home knowing, if that highway which I've never seen accumulate water had flooded, the main street on the way to school that starts to flood very easily was probably under water.

I called back to see what was going on in Fort Worth, and apparently around my mum's work is flooding, and a tree got so flooded in the gardens that it fell and created a damn, so our major streets are flooding now.

EDIT: Apparently so far two buildings on campus have closed due to flooding, various schools and business are being evacuated in various parts of DFW. Here's what I saw on my way to school:

You know. My house has been hit by a flash flood before, but it was only up to our knees. That didn't scare me. This does.

EDIT 2: Just saw footage of people being evacuated from apartments right along the highway I was on. It's getting worse, fast. So glad I'm home.


Sep. 8th, 2010 08:26 am
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I live too far off the gulf to actually be hit by the hurricane, but man do we live close enough to get the edges of it. It's been pouring for hours, my street is literally flooding, and there are accidents all along my route to school, which is about 40 miles away on extremely busy, traffic-congested streets.

I am not looking forward to today. Not one tiny bit.
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These are just notes I'm taking to possibly use for a zine on the topic. I haven't kept up with it AT ALL, so am having to do tons of research. If you know of good research material, both news and opinions, please let me know. If YOU have an opinion you'd like to express, also feel free. I'm quite for its building, but that doesn't mean you have to agree. Just keep it civil, kay?

* If it's all about Ground Zero being hallowed ground, then why are there hotels as close as 1 block away from the heart of the site? Hell, try and explain The Pussycat Lounge strip club that is 2 blocks from the site, the same proposed distance as this community center.

* You can't blame an entire religious group based on a small percentage of its follower's actions. No religions are 100% innocent, because human beings aren't 100% innocent. If you're going to go that route, don't forget who started the Holocaust.

* As far as the feelings of those families hurt most profoundly by 9/11, this one's a tougher subject. But still, promoting anti-muslim sentiment when it was only one small portion of a religion isn't right. If you must, hate the ones actually guilty, not those painted guilty by association.
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So, I'm on a big movie kick right now, one that I haven't seen since my two years working in a DVD store. I'm working on a to-see list, so wanted to know if any of you guys had any must-see movies for me. :D

I prefer action, thriller, suspense, horror, and some drama. NOT a big romantic comedy fan, but if you know one that's super good, I'll give it a go. I also enjoy comedy, but it's kinda hard to find movies with my sense of humor.

Movies can be super old, or super new. I'm not picky in that way. ;D
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I have a few quick questions for you guys that have tattoos:

* Does it hurt? (Well, duh...more of, can you compare the feeling to anything in particular that someone who hasn't been tattooed might know?)

* Is the wrist an easy/hard place to get tattooed, as far as ease for the artist/pain involved?

* I know it varies wildly, but anyone have a shot in the dark guess for how much a wrap-around wrist tattoo in solid black ink might cost? (I'm totally clueless)


Aug. 5th, 2010 12:50 pm
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grams is fine. my meds for my foot have me barely functioning, and i am onlyh halfway through my eight hour shift. wish me luck

Post from mobile portal
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I needz them. I'm trying to update my music collection, and I figured...ya'll are a bunch of cool cats, so why not ask?

Recommend me a song. A band. A singer. Multiple of them. Well known, or completely obscure.

You get to rave about your favorites, and I get exposed to some awesome new tunes. It's a win win!

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I need y'alls advice. I got my job with the manager knowing full well I went to school. He hired me as a temporary worker for the summer. He knows the day I go back to school.

My question is: Do I still give a two weeks notice letter?
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Buy Handmade

I am planning to completely revamp my Etsy store, Alchera, this summer. This includes a totally new line of products! Which means the old products just gotta go. So most of them are on for 50% or more off! I'll slowly be adding more clearance items over the next day or so.

So, if you're interested, it's there! I also totally accept trades, be it original art, prints, jewelry, books, pagan name it! :D

I feel bad for advertising this here, but I know some of y'all actually like my work, and I wanted to let you know what's going on. :3
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Trying to distract myself. Did a search on ebay...did you know there's a Remiel statue out there? Well, there is. It's interesting to say the least!

To teh statue! (Ebay) )


May. 18th, 2010 09:46 pm
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I hate listing things online. It's so time consuming and boring. -_-

That being said, I've started to list my major destashing. It primarily consists of jewelry lots, but there's other stuff too. Imma post it here in case anyone is interested:

Buy Handmade
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NOTE: This post is PUBLIC!

So, I'm going through one of my weeding-through-possessions frenzies that I sometimes go through. This time I seem to have tackled my religious, spiritual, magical, and occult items. Since I know some of ya'll are interested and that sort of thing (me too of course!) I thought I'd post what I'm getting rid of. So if you or anyone you know is interested in any of this, let me know!

Also, keeping costs down as much as possible (a few of the books are collector's items, or textbooks required for my religion degree). Combining shipping. And I am TOTALLY BARTER FRIENDLY. I love handmade goods, especially ritual stuff, as well as books, jewelry, and art supplies. Really. Feel free to offer anything.

Shipping isn't included. The stuff that's labeled as free, you still have to pay shipping on. Sorry you guys. D:

Books, Candles, Oils, Tarot, and More... )
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Has anyone been looking for a rather large, male, neutered black lab in the southwest Fort Worth area?

He's been following me around since I got home. We put him in our backyard while we put up a couple signs, but he promptly jumped out once he couldn't see us anymore.

We don't have him, but I can tell you the last place we saw him, and he's been stalking the area for four-five hours now. Let me know, please!
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I just did a massive Purging from my friends list. If you were removed on January 31st, 2010, don't fret!

I removed you due to inactivity; either I didn't see posts from you recently, or I haven't communicated with you recently. You did nothing wrong, I'm not mad, or anything like that.

If you want to give it another go, let me know, and I'll add you back on!

Lulu Help

Dec. 12th, 2009 08:24 pm
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Have any of ya'll used the self-publishing service Lulu before?

I'm wanting to print some books using them, but I want to know how their reproduction quality of images is. I want to add illustrations in black and white, but don't know if they can print gradation well, or if images turn out fuzzy at all!

Anyone know?
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So. You know those photo albums whose pages are like thick cardstock, with a thin sheet of acetate or plastic that you lift up to reveal those diagonal lines of sticky stuff that grips the photos? So you can arrange the photos however you want and they stay?

Do any of you know if they make them in 12 x 12 inch size, or where I could find them? D:
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I've been proud that the only thing I'm really allergic to is the powder on latex, but even then the reaction was super mild. I woke up today to find this covering half my body (it's twice as bad on my arms):

wtf )

Now I just gotta find out WHAT it is I'm allergic to...

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I don't have a single favorite. I'm the type of person who is liable to get shot when visiting any country not my own, because I actually do use other languages sometimes when I speak.

Perhaps it's cause I grew up in Texas, but I use the words "mi amigo/amiga", "que tal", and "como estas" daily, as well as a handful of other  Spanish expressions.

I also use various Japanese expressions. No, I'm not one of those girls who shout "KAWAII"! But half the time I count in Japanese, and finish sentences in it when I can't think in English.

I say the Italian "ciao" and French "adieu" more often than I say the English equivalent. The German terms "angst" and "uber", which are slowly making their way into American dialects, I've used for years.

I know this doesn't really answer the question, lol. The language I think is the most beautiful sounding is Gaelic. BUT, I love the sound of many other languages, such as German, Slavic dialects, and a handful of Native American tongues. <3

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