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[Error: unknown template qotd]I don't have a single favorite. I'm the type of person who is liable to get shot when visiting any country not my own, because I actually do use other languages sometimes when I speak.

Perhaps it's cause I grew up in Texas, but I use the words "mi amigo/amiga", "que tal", and "como estas" daily, as well as a handful of other  Spanish expressions.

I also use various Japanese expressions. No, I'm not one of those girls who shout "KAWAII"! But half the time I count in Japanese, and finish sentences in it when I can't think in English.

I say the Italian "ciao" and French "adieu" more often than I say the English equivalent. The German terms "angst" and "uber", which are slowly making their way into American dialects, I've used for years.

I know this doesn't really answer the question, lol. The language I think is the most beautiful sounding is Gaelic. BUT, I love the sound of many other languages, such as German, Slavic dialects, and a handful of Native American tongues. <3

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[Error: unknown template qotd]I'm just waiting for the time when my luck runs out, I've had so many close calls. D:

1) Managed to walk right into the middle of a gang confrontation. A pretty nasty one, luckily no firearms that I saw. And when I said walk in the middle, I mean it literally. But I passed on through as if they couldn't even see me.

2) I took the same route to my mum's office after high school each day. Except for one day, I zoned out, and went a different route. This landed me exactly across the street from where I normally stood to wait to cross at a metal sign. Just then, this pickup came speeding around the corner doing at least 50, and hit the metal sign completely flat, hit a concrete wall there, and went spinning out directly towards me. It stopped about four feet from me.

3) I consider my suicide attempt a close call.

4) When I was really little, two, my whole family almost died from a carbon monoxide leak. 

5) Been in three car accidents, but luckily they were all minor. Still, it sure felt like a close call each time.

6) Fell down a whole flight of stairs when I was 13, hitting my head.

7) Fell, hitting my head on the fireplace as a toddler and completely bruised my face and tore my lip up.

8) Almost drowned when I was around 6 or so. I had gotten trapped underneath a large floatation device, swallowed tons of water, and as I felt the start of passing out, managed to get to the surface.

9) Does being chased by a large water moccassin up a creek for about a quarter mile count?

10) Fell out of a tree onto my head and injured my leg pretty badly. Do you see the trend? XD

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